Road Commissioner

Road Commissioner:

Amon Morse, III

Please contact Amon with any road concerns you may have.

To contact Amon, you may call him on his cell phone at (207) 322-3331, or by e-mail at [email protected]

In order to build a driveway, you must complete a Driveway/Road Entrance Application.  The application must be approved by the road commissioner and returned to the town office.  There is no fee for this application.  Any questions, please contact the road commissioner.

Ditching and/or Road Sand Acceptance Agreement

A reminder from the road commissioner:  Please do not park in or block the roadways, especially during the winter months when the roads need to be plowed and sanded because of winter storms.  It makes if much tougher for our road crews to keep the roads cleared when they have obstacles blocking the roadways, plus it is a hazard to other motorists.

Winter scene