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A little bit about Northport:

Set apart from the hustle and bustle of surrounding towns lies the quiet, wooded community of Northport.  Rolling hills, picturesque ponds and green woods dominate the portion of the town inland from Route 1.  Penobscot Bay embraces the coastal portion of the town.  Lobstermen still work their traps from the town landing in Saturday Cove, while sailboats dominate in summer.

Visit Temple Heights, a spiritualist camp active for more than 100 years.  Roam the narrow streets of Bayside, where charming gingerbread cottages surround village greens and look down to the natural splendor of Penobscot Bay.   Northport offers a yacht club, nine-hole golf course, an auction house, and family owned businesses and restaurants.  But for all the scenic beauty of land and sea, the real beauty of Northport however is found in its friendly and welcoming people.


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